What is Fractora?

Fractora is an advanced anti-aging radio-frequency (RF) skin treatment that promotes collagen production through the application of localized heat via tiny pins applied to the skin. The results are comparable to fractional CO2 laser without the long healing time or adverse reactions. Fractora is a fully customizable fractional resurfacing treatment that addresses loose, wrinkled and photo damaged skin.  It is safe on all skin types and treatment areas, including the delicate tissue on the neck and hands.

Fractora Treatments

Fractora treats superficial skin concerns such as fine lines, redness, pigmentation and capillaries, to deep wrinkles, folds, scars (surgical, traumatic and acne-related) and pronounced laxity on the face and body. Fractora is also safe to use on skin with active acne breakouts to help decrease the number of breakouts as well as improve the appearance, color and texture of of the skin in patients with acne.  Healing time varies from a couple of days to a week.