Our Juvederm Lakeway Services

Juvederm XC is a smooth hyaluronic acid injectable gel containing a lidocaine (for patient comfort) used to correct moderate to severe folds and wrinkles and age-related volume loss on the face.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance (sugar molecules) found in the body in skin, muscles and tendons for cushioning and joint lubrication.  Hyaluronic acid works by binding to the fluids in the tissues and expanding to fill in areas of volume loss and plump up lines and creases.  The hyaluronic acid used in Juvederm XC is not from animal sources and therefore no skin testing is needed prior to injection and the risk of allergy is minimal.

Treatment Areas for Juvederm XC Lakeway

Juvederm XC can be used anywhere on the face but is commonly used in the nasolabial folds (“smile lines” extending from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth), marionette lines (vertical lines extending from the corners of the mouth to the chin), corners of the mouth, in the hollows under the eyes, and to augment lip fullness.

As we age our skin becomes thinner and more prone to wrinkles, bone resorption in our  our jaw, cheek bones and around our eyes causes a decrease in support for the skin and muscles leaving the skin appearing saggy and loose.  Additionally the fat pads in our face that once provided that youthful appearance begin to be resorbed and move causing folds and wrinkles to appear.

Juvederm Ultra XC is used for moderate line, fold and volume correction while Juvederm Ultra Plus XC is a more robust formulation used for areas with deeper folds or marked volume loss requiring more correction. The procedure is quick, with little down time and results are seen fairly instantly and last up to one year.